Initial Bubble Scanning Setup

This page will talk about the initial setup of bubble scanning.

Bubble scanning is an advanced feature are requires Classify Learning to set up the feature specifically for your instance. If your instance does not have bubble scanning enabled, please reach out to to begin the process of setting up bubble scanning for your instance.

The most important step we need to walk through is how we configure your instance to identify your students through bubbled in ID. We will also set up the max length for the ID value to make sure we have the collect number of columns for the identification method. Support identification methods:

  • SIS ID
  • State ID
  • Student Number (Clever Field)

Supported question types for bubble scanning (more question types coming soon):

  • Multiple Choice (single select)
  • Multiple Choice (multi select)
  • Writing Response (scannable assessment only)

Once your instance is configured properly, you can browse through the additional help documentation for bubble scanning:

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