Printing Bubble Sheets for Students (Scannable Assessment)

This page will walk you through the process for creating printable bubble sheets for students taking a scannable assessment.

Once your assessment is created and published, please navigate to your administration list for that assessment:

One thing to keep in mind is that bubble sheets are tied to an administration. So in order to print bubble sheets, we must first create the administration. In order to create an administration, click on the "Create Administration" button to bring up the create administration modal.

Because the assessment is a scannable assessment, the fields available for an administration are greatly reduced. The description field is optional and you can uncheck the enable results option if you wish to change those fields. After clicking save, your new administration will appear in the administrations list view.

The next step is to bring up the print bubble sheet modal. To do this, simply click on the "Print Bubble Sheets" menu options from the administration cog wheel button. Once the modal pops up, you can click on the "Print Answer Sheets" button in the middle of the modal. Once you click on that button, we will process the request to generate the scan sheets. When the scan sheet is finished, a button will appear to view the generated sheet(s) so you can print them. Click on the "View Generated Answer Sheet" button to view the generated sheet(s) in another tab.

Once you printed your generated sheet(s) and your students have completed filling the test out, check out the helpful link below on scanning data back into Classify Learning.

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