Printing Bubble Sheets for Students (Advanced Assessment)

This page will walk you through the process for creating printable bubble sheets for students taking an advanced assessment.

NOTE: When printing bubble sheets, they are specific to an assessment administration. If you are unsure how to create an assessment administration, please review our help doc on creating an assessment administration.

Once your assessment is created, please navigate to your administration list for that assessment:

Decide which administration you want to print bubble sheets for and click on the cog wheel at the end of that administration row: (your options may vary depending on your access level)

Click on the "Print Bubble Sheets" option to bring up the bubble sheet modal:

Click on the "Print Answer Sheets" button to being the answer sheet generation process. Once this process is completed, a button will appear to view your new answer sheet:

When you click on the "View Generated Answer Sheet" button, your new answer sheet will appear in another tab within your browser:

Once you printed your generated sheet(s) and your students have completed filling the test out, check out the helpful link below on scanning data back into Classify Learning.

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