Create an itembank assessment

From the landing page, click the Create Assessment tile.

Fill in the assessment details:

  1. Name: (Required) 
  2. Grade & Subject: Enter the grade(s) and Subject(s) for the assessment. While not required, these fields will make it easier to search for this assessment later on.
  3. Access Level: This refers to who will be able to search for your test.
  4. Click on Advanced Assessment: (Required) This applies to simply viewing the assessment and is not related to assessment results/data.
    1. Private: Only you will be able to search for and see the assessment
    2. Site: Anyone at your school will be able to search for the assessment and administer their own copy.
    3. District: Anyone in your district will be able to search for this assessment and administer their own copy.
    4. Public: Anyone using Classify Learning will be able to search for this assessment and administer their own copy.
  5. Owner Settings: These settings apply to other users of your assessment. Here, you have the ability to adjust if other users can share the assessment, duplicate the assessment, manually override auto-scored items, and administer the assessment beyond the owner-created test window.
  6. Click the Assessment Type.
  7. Click Save.

You will be taken automatically to the Questions tab within the assessment. Click the Add Question button. 

Choose the Add from Question Bank option to choose from existing items in the question bank. Choose Create New Question to author your own question and add that to your assessment.

To add questions to your assessment, start by using the filters on the left to search for specific items.  Then,

  1. Use the checkbox on the question to select the item  All selected items will be highlighted in gold.  
  2. Once all questions are selected, scroll to the bottom, choose Insert Questions into an Assessment in the dropdown.
  3. Click Go.

Your list of items will appear on the builder page.  Click on the hamburger icon next to each item to drag/reorder the items on your test.  Click the cogwheel to delete an item you have chosen and no longer want on your test.  When the assessment is complete, 

  1. Click Preview to view a live version of the assessment exactly as a student would see it with all test settings and accommodations.
  2. Click Publish once the assessment is fully complete and no more edits will be made.  NOTE: An assessment can be unpublished until a student rosters to an administration. Once a student is added to an administration, the assessment cannot be unpublished. Assessments can only be edited when they are unpublished.
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