Create Test Sections for an Itembank Assessment

This article will show how to create test sections in an itembank assessment.  If you need help creating an itembank assessment, check out our doc Creating an Itembank Assessment first. To start, navigate to an itembank assessment and click on the Questions tile to go to the assessment builder.

Once you are viewing the assessment builder, click on the Create Section button.

After click on the Add Section button, a modal will popup allowing you to create a section:

  1. Enter the Name for the new section.
  2. Click the Save button.

Once the new section is created, you can click and drag the section to the location you'd like in the assessment.  The next step will be to drag the corresponding questions into the section. 

Couple notes about test sections:

  1. If an assessment has a test section, all questions must be in a test section.
  2. If your test administration includes the Question Randomization feature (see below), all questions will be randomized within assigned test sections only.  This feature will not move questions out of their test section.  For example, all questions placed into Test Section A will randomize, but will not move into Test Section B.  

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