Adding an advanced rubric to an item (Premium Feature)

This article will guide you through the process of adding an advanced rubric to an item on an assessment.  Please note that this is a Premium Feature.  If you need help creating an advanced rubric, click here to view the help document specific to that topic.  

Use case:  A teacher has a writing assessment prompt and would like to be able to score student responses using a matrix rubric.  Below are the sample writing prompt and associated scoring rubric.  Example is courtesy of TN Department of Education.  

Writing Prompt 
Scoring RubricTo add the advanced rubric to an item that you are creating, 
  1. Change the dropdown for Scoring Type to Rubric Advanced
  2. Click Change next to Rubric 

Once you click the Change button, click Select next to the rubric that should be applied to the corresponding item.

Verify that the correct rubric has been applied to the item and you're done! 

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