Creating and managing advanced rubrics (Premium Feature)

This help document will guide you through the process of creating an advanced rubric that can be applied to an item on an assessment.  Please note that this is a Premium Feature within Classify Learning. 

To start, click on the dropdown arrow next to the Assessments tab.  Then click on Rubrics.  

On the next screen, click the Create Rubric button in the top right corner. 

The beginning steps of the rubric creation process are below:

  1. Name - create a descriptive name for the advanced rubric so it's easy to locate later
  2. Description - optional extra notes for the rubric
  3. Access Level - can be private or public, if you wish to share with others on a public item
  4. Tags - words or phrases that make the rubric easier to find
  5. + Add a Criteria - click this button to add single or multiple scoring criteria to the advanced rubric

Adding criteria to create an advanced rubric

Below are the components to adding multiple criteria to an advanced rubric:

a)  Click + Add Criteria to add each scoring piece of the overall rubric.  For example, the rubric below includes the scoring for Focus & Organization, Development, Language, and Conventions.  This means you would hit the + Add Criteria button four times to create the four components of the rubric.  

b)  Click the + sign to add the scoring levels associated with that particular criterion in the rubric. 

c)  Be sure to include the name of each criteria within the rubric

d) (Optional) Include the descriptors for each scoring level within the rubric.

e) Use the trash can button next to each criterial level to delete any unwanted scoring options.  

f)  Click Save once done. 

Once the advanced rubric has been created, it will appear in the list of rubrics as unpublished.  From here you can click on the cogwheel to view the details, edit, delete, or publish the rubric.  This will allow the rubric to be used on an item within an assessment.  Please note that once the rubric is published, it cannot be edited.  Also, a rubric will automatically be published once it is added to an item on an assessment that is then published.    

To learn how to add an advanced rubric to an item, click here.  

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