Creating a Multiple Choice - Standard Item

From the landing page, click the Create Item tile. 

Click Add New

Select the Multiple Choice - Standard tile

Composing the multiple-choice question:

  1. Enter the stem
  2. Enter the multiple-choice options.  Additional options can also be added by clicking +Add or removed by clicking the trash can.
  3. Enter the correct answer by selecting the correct radio button.  
  4. Once finished, click Place Element.

Advanced options, such as adjusting the item layout, setting penalty points, and including distractor rationale are included under the More Options menu at the bottom.  

Next, enter the item details on the lefthand panel:

  1. Details such as Grade, Subject, DOK level allow the item to be more searchable in the item list.
  2. Use the standards selection tool to tie the question to a standard
    1. Choose the standard set, subject, and grade level of the standard.
    2. Click Filter Results
    3. Click on the standard you want to use.  The standard will appear in the Selected Standards area on the right.
    4. Click Save. 
  3. Access level is a required field and refers to who will be able to search for and use the item.
  4. Click Save.

Once the item and the details have been successfully added, you can:

  1. Preview the item to view from a student perspective
  2. Publish the item once it is completely finished and no longer needs edits.
  3. Once finished, click Save and Exit.
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