Google Classroom Permissions for an Assessment Administration

We have a few permissions that we require for our Google Classroom set up, and we wanted to write up a quick document to explain what we are asking and why we are asking for it. So with that said, let's take a look at the Google Classroom permissions.  All permissions are required to get Google Classroom to sync properly with Classify Learning. These permissions are going to be similar to what is required to sync courses from your Google Classroom account.

Receive notifications about your Google Classroom data.
This permission will allow our application to know when data about your course changes. This will allow us to create an automated flow to update information about the course, roster or related data.

View the email addresses of people in your classes.
In order for Classify Learning to send transactional emails to students (invite to course, new assignment, grading), we need student's email addresses to send those emails. No additional emails besides transaction emails will be sent to your students.

View the profile photos of people in your classes.
Classify Learning wanted to add some personalization to our LMS/Google Classroom experience. If your students have a profile image, we wanted to import those and apply them to their student accounts. This will give teachers another option on identifying students at a glance.

View your Google Classroom class rosters.
This permission will allow Classify Learning to look at roster data within a Google Classroom class. We will be able to see each student and co-teacher assigned to your class so we can import them into Classify Learning and create the course associations automatically.

View your Google Classroom classes.
With this permission, our application will loop through each active Google Classroom class and create a record of that class within Classify Learning. This will only process through active classes that you are marked as the owner/teacher.

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