Manually recording student assessment responses

Some students will not be able to take a test online and instead will use a test booklet to record their responses.  This means a teacher/proctor will need to transcribe the student's responses online in order for the answers to be scored and results to be included in assessment reports.  This article will guide you through the process of manually adding a student's test responses into their online test via the Live Proctoring Dashboard.

To access the Live Proctoring Dashboard, start from within an assessment that has an administration created.  

  • Select the tile for View Assessments
  • Select the assessment you'd like to Live Proctor by clicking on the name of the assessment.
  • Next, click on the Administrations tile: 
  • To access the Live Proctoring dashboard, click on the number of students who are rostered to the test:
  • Click the Add Participant button to select students: 

In the pop-up,

  1. Select the student(s) who need responses manually entered
  2. Click Select

*Note that the student added will have (M) next to their name meaning they have been manually added to the administration.

Click Enter Answers under the cogwheel dropdown. Once clicked, the test will open in a new tab within the window.  The teacher/proctor can now manually enter the student's responses.  Once all responses are entered and the test has been submitted on behalf of the student, the tab can be closed.  All student data will now be included in the Live Proctoring Dashboard as well as all assessment reports.

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