Grading Constructed Response Questions

This article will guide you through the process of manually scoring student responses to items that are not auto-scored on an assessment.  

To start, access your list of assessments and click on the administrations within the specific assessment that contains responses that need to be manually scored. Select the Administrations tile. 

Next, click on the number of students within the administration to take you to the Live Proctoring dashboard. 

Any question within live proctoring that is gray is a question that will need to be scored by the teacher.  Another indicator is the question results bar at the top. If you hover over a question bar that has blue, that means there are students who have answers that still need to be scored. 

Click on the question number to score all student responses for that question.

From here, select the individual student tile and click to view the student's response. If a tile is blue, that means the student's response still needs to be scored.  Once reviewed, enter the score in the bottom left corner of the window. The icon in the top right corner of the student's tile indicates the response has been manually scored.  

Providing student feedback on individual responses:

A teacher also has the option to provide the student with specific feedback on their response to each question.  This feedback can then be viewed by the student for learning.  To provide feedback, click within the student's tile, click the Open Feedback button on the right, and submit feedback to the individual student, as shown below. 

Student viewing of feedback on items within an assessment:  To review feedback, the student needs to access the assessment, then click on the question that has the comment icon on the tile.  

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