How students create a Classify Learning Account

In order for a student to use Classify Learning, they must have an account.  If you are using a Basic Teacher or Premium Teacher subscription you have three options:

  1. Students manually create their own account and use a teacher-generated join code to access their courses
  2. The teacher enters student email addresses in the Course Creation section of Classify.  This will send an email to the student where they will click to create an account and join your course.
  3. Teacher syncs courses with Google Classroom.  This will send an email to all students in the course and automatically create an account for them.

Option 1: 

Students can go to, create a student account, and click the Quick Join tile (See below) to type in this Course Code.  They will be automatically added to your class roster.  Important!  Make sure all students create their account using their school district email address and not a personal email address!

  • Course Code location within the Course Page:
  • Quick Join tile

Option 2:

  • You can enter in student email addresses manually to invite them to join your class.
    • Click the Invite Students button on the top left.  This will create a pop-out screen. 
    • Type in your student email addresses.  Be sure to use their school district email addresses!  This will send the student an email saying you (the teacher) have requested they join your class. 
    • Click Invite Students.
    • Each student will receive the email below.  By clicking on the Join Course button, they will be prompted to create their free Classify Learning student account.

Note: If you need to resend the email invitation to a student, click on the cogwheel next to their email address and click Resend. 

Option 3:

Teacher completes the Google Classroom sync (click here for steps on how to complete).  Students can now go to and log in with Google to access their student Classify Learning account that will automatically be created for them.

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