Create/Sync class rosters with Google Classroom

The easiest way to create courses and the associated class rosters is to sync with Google Classroom.  This way, you can use what you have already created in Google Classroom in terms of the courses and rosters and they will sync automatically with your Classify Learning account.

Start from the landing page and click on the Create Course tile.  

Click on the option to Sync with Google

From here, you will want to make sure you are picking your same school district email account associated with your Classify Learning account.  Be sure to click approve on each screen in order to give Classify Learning access to your Google Classroom courses and rosters.

Once the classes have imported, verify the classes you wish to include inside of Classify Learning.  All classes will be selected by default.  Once the information is correct, click Your Google Classroom courses will now appear in your Classify Learning course list with all of your rostered students.   Complete Import.

Students can now go to and log in with Google to access their student Classify Learning account.

To re-sync your Classify Learning courses with your Google Classroom student rosters, click the Resync Google button.  You'll want to do this if you get a new student added to your Google Classroom roster and you want to make a Classify Learning account for them.  

From within the Students tab in your Course, click the Resync button

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