Creating a Free or Premium Teacher account with your Google Account

To create your free Classify Learning account using your school district Google email address, go to app.classifylearning.comBe sure to only use your school district email address!  This will make it easier to convert if your school or district decides to purchase Classify Learning.  

Click the Register now button.Click the option to Sign up as a teacher. 

Click the Google button to use your Google school district email account.

Choose your school district email address from the list to sync your account and create your Classify Learning account.

Enter the remaining fields on the next page to finish creating your Classify Learning Account:

  1. User name - required field
  2. Subject - not required, but highly recommended to fill in the subject you teach
  3. Grade - not required, but highly recommended to fill in the grade level(s) you teach
  4. Promo Code - if you have purchased a Teacher Premium account or one has been purchased for you by your school, you will have a promo code to enter in this field.
  5. Terms and Services - check the box
  6. Click Register!

Next, you'll need to connect your account to your school.  Search for your school site in the site field.  Once it appears, click on the school site.  Confirm your school site in the pop-up and you're all set!  

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