Setting Your Default Assessment Administration

Within your teacher account, you have the option of pre-setting your default test administration settings so it will apply for each assessment you administer to your students.  This will save you the time of manually updating your administration settings for each assessment if you find yourself using the same settings for each test.  You will always have the option to override these default settings for any single assessment administration.

From the landing page, click on your initials in the top right corner to bring up your account settings. Then select My Administration.

Default Administration Settings Options.  Please note that many options are available only to Premium and School/District level users.  

  1. Start Days:  Allows you to set how many days after the administration has been created for the test to be open and available.  For example, if you always want the test to be open starting the day after you create the window, you will set the Start Date to 1.
  2. End Days:  How long do you want the test to be available?  This will let you set the test window to close x number of days after the start date. For example, if you want the test to be available for a week, set the End Days number to 7.
  3. Window:  You have the option of having the test be available all day long during the test window, or only during a specific period.  For example, if you only want the assessment to be available during the school day, you may wish to select the Specific Window option and set 8:00am - 3:00pm during your set time zone.
  4. Locked Browser: Enable locked browser by default on all test administrations. 
  5. Time Limit: The max time an assessment is available to a student once started.
  6. Test Tools: Enable the default test tools for all administrations
  7. Check Answer: Allow students to immediately see if their answer is correct.
  8. Display Rubrics: While testing, allow students to view the scoring rubric on all items that have an advanced rubric associated with it.
  9. Randomization: Automatically randomize all questions on an assessment.
  10. Enable Results:  You can choose to allow students to be able to see their results once they submit their assessment.  The Enable Review Window option lets you set the time period for when the results are available to be seen by students.  This open allows you to make sure you don't leave the test results open too long for students to view.  
  11. Click Save.
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