Sharing Assessments (Free & Premium Accounts)

In Classify Learning, you can create an assessment and share it with another user via a share URL link that will take the user directly to the assessment shared with them.  You can also decide what the other user can do with your assessment once accessed. 

To share an assessment to another user, start from within the assessment you'd like to share and click on the Sharing tile. 

Click on the Create Sharing Link button on the top right. 

A pop-up will allow you to select what the user will be able to do with the assessment you share with them using that specific link.  A free teacher account has two options, which are most often given together:

  1. Can View - the user who accesses the assessment via the link you are creating will only be able to view the assessment.  If they want to use the assessment with their students, they will need to duplicate the assessment to make a new copy that they can administer to their students.
  2. Can Administer - the user who accesses the assessment via the link you are creating will only be able to administer the assessment, but not view the assessment.  Note:  if you are giving Can Administer rights to the user, you will most likely want to also include Can View.   
  3. Click Save

Click the newly provided share link to copy it.  You can send the link to another user any way you'd like - email, text, etc.

Note:  The link you just created will have the permissions you selected and are noted in the table next to the link.  If you wish to send the same assessment to a different user with a different set of permissions (i.e. you want another user to only have Can View rights), you will need to create a second share link by following the same steps and share.  

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