Changing Performance Bands (Premium Feature)

A default performance band is applied to each assessment in Classify Learning.  Below is an example.  This help document will guide you through the process of modifying the performance band for a particular assessment.  Please note that this is a Premium feature. 

Note:  School districts that purchase Classify Learning have the option of updating this default performance band to match district initiatives.  Reach out to your customer success manager for more information on updating the default performance band for your school district.  

To modify a performance band and apply it to be used on your assessment, go straight to the assessment and click on the Details tile. 

From there, you can:

a) View the default performance band that will be applied to your assessment

b) Click the Change button to adjust the performance band for this single assessment.  

Click Select next to the performance band you'd like to use for this assessment. 

Once you are back on the details page,

  1. Confirm the correct performance band has been successfully applied
  2. Click Save.
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