Creating a Free Teacher Account

Go to to create a Free Teacher Account.

Click Register Now to create your account! 

Click Sign Up as Teacher.

You have two options to create an account with Classify Learning.  The first options are to sign up with your Google, Clever, Classlink, or Microsoft accounts.  Be sure to always use your school district Google or Microsoft account. 

The second is to manually create your Classify Learning account entering the information into the fields below:

  1. Desired Username
  2. Email - be sure to use your school district email address!
  3. Password
  4. First Name
  5. Last Name
  6. Verification Steps
  7. Register!

You will then be prompted to select your school site in the list:

  1. Fill in the first few letters of your school site until it appears in the list
  2. Select the school site 

Once you confirm the school site on the next screen, you will be taken to your new free teacher account!  Congratulations and welcome to Classify Learning!

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