Using a Chromebook Locked Browser (Kiosk Mode)

This page will talk about enabled a locked browser for Chromebooks.


The Classify Learning locked browser for Chromebooks will help lock down the testing experience for students taking assessments on a Chromebook. Once a student enters into a locked browser experience, they cannot leave unless they log out of that session completely. Students will only be able to view the testing window and will not be able to perform any other actions or functionality. (such as printing, copying, opening other tabs or using other applications)

The Classify Learning locked browser for Chromebooks is a kiosk enable applications that can ONLY be run in kiosk mode on student Chromebooks. Each of the student Chromebooks must be centrally managed through the Google Management interface.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Google no longer allows Kiosk Apps to be installed into  individual devices. They can only be installed with Google Management interface (and thus require a management license). Please reach out to support if you are unsure of the license type you have

How do I check to make sure my student's Chromebook is centrally managed?

From the log in screen, you can a message letting you know if the device is a managed device: (see below)

If a student is logged in, click on the time in the bottom right corner. This will bring up a dialog box with a managed icon in the bottom right: (see below)

Installing the Classify Learning Kiosk App for Chromebooks

Follow the instructions below to get the kiosk applications installed and distributed to your managed Chromebooks. The first step is to proceed to and log in your account with access to the managed devices admin.

  1. Select the Devices menu option.
  2. Select the Chrome menu option.
  3. Select the Apps & extensions menu option.
  4. Select the Kiosks menu option.

  1. Mouseover the plus icon to expose additional options.
  2. Click on the option to Add Chrome app or extension by ID.

  1. Fill out the Extension ID field with hkfohdailnhkpkdacfljnnhojmmfipha
  2. Change the dropdown to "From a custom URL"
  3. Fill out the URL field with 

  1. Turn on the option for Allow App to Manage Power. (This prevents Chromebooks going into sleep mode during a test.)
  2. Click the SAVE button in the top right corner.

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